Yasmine Chiboub is a visual artist currently based in Amsterdam, NL.
Her artistic research is sensitive to the fascination for virtual space and it is aimed at the creation of images and visions that open a dialogue between real and virtual world, as well as surreal and utopian dimensions.
Her works range between literature and new media - with a particular attention to the 3D computer graphics languages - and they try to reshape the existing through artifice, creating alternative and unrealistic landscapes and sci-fi stories set in real places.

2021 PropagAzioni, Parco della Vettabbia, curated by Genealogie del Futuro, Milan, IT
2021 What fields, or waves, or mountains? What shapes of sky or plain?, Spazio Infernotto, Turin, IT
2020 The showcase AIR Artist-in-Residence, Non Riservato Cultural Association, curated by Cecilia Guida and Rossana Ciocca, Milan, IT
2020 Mentre ti guardavo nello spazio tra i denti (As I watched you in the space between your teeth), Spazio Marea, Milan, IT
2018 Accademia Aperta, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, IT

2021 Artist in residence at the Agricultural Association Cascina Biblioteca, Milan, IT
2020 Artist in residence at the Association Non Riservato Cultural Association, Milan, IT
2020 Winner of the contest Silla Corradini for the realization of a sculpture at Duna Corradini S.p.A., Soliera (Modena), IT
2019 Winner of the contest AIR WATER LAND for the realization of a work at the Museo dei Giovani Artsti del Parco dell’Arte at the Idroscalo, Milan, Segrate, IT

2022 Assistant to artist Edwin Van Der Heide, Rotterdam, NL
2022 Assistant to artist Leonid Tsvetkov, Amsterdam, NL
2019 International Symposium of Painting and Sculpture, Camping Mon Perin, Valle, HR