science-fiction novel
editorial, graphic and photographic project

CEMENTO (CONCRETE) is a sci-fi novel that takes place in an unfinished, decadent concrete building: the Cementone in De Marchi street, on the outskirts of Milan (Italy).
There, it is where the imagination of a distant time begins.
In a hypotetical future everything is transformed and the human being continues to adapt to the changes of planet Earth.
The birth of a new form of life inside the Cementone will alter human perception, encouraging the creation of an inter-objective ecosystem, where every form of life has the same space and the same right to live.

The book includes poems alternating with various images of the Cementone: photographs, architectural drawings of the building, as well as images of other imaginary elements that appear within the story, designed through the use of 3D graphics programs.

Random pages from the book
(Italian version)