site-specific installation and editorial project for land cultivated with syntropic agriculture in Parco della Vettabbia, Milan (IT)
curated by Deborah Maggiolo (Genealogie del futuro)

Sintropia and utopia meet in Sintropoli, deconstructing the binomials nature/cuture and human/non-human.
The story is set in an hypotetical future and questions the way we live the present, suggesting alternative and unprecedented possibilities of living.

Sintropoli takes place in the lands of Parco della Vettabbia and it has the purpose of imaging a complex and changing relational space, perceived as a living organism to take care of.
The key element of the story of the story is an unknown form of life that will guide the passage towards a different way of relating and being in the world. Thanks to the relation with  the human beings, it will make them able to live in symbiosis with environments rich in biodiversity.
This element is a suspicious, living rock. A reproduction of it, was installed in a hole in the ground in Parco della Vettabbia, creating a link between science fiction and real space.
This rock was 3D printed using a biodegradable PLA and it was letf in the park to decompose, just as it happens to the rock in the book.

This project was part of PropagAzioni: a series of performances and artistic interventions that took place at Parco della Vettabbia, in Milan during October 2021. PropagAzioni was organised by Genealogie del Futuro, that collaborated with the APS-IS CasciNet and the Associazione Soulfood Forestfarms Hub Italia, which manages the agroforestry terrains of Parco della Vettabbia.

Photo by Daniela Riva

1st chapter of Sintropoli

Digital print (100 copies limited edition)

3D printing in biodegradable PLA
Photo by Daniela Riva

Sintropoli rock 3D model