VICARIANCE (Non Riservato)

two-channels video installation
4’ 48’’ loop

sound by Giovanni Barbieri

Vicariance(Non Riservato) is a site-specific video installation that highlights the relationship between real and virtual space.

In this video the exhibition space Non Riservato is turned into a portal to another dimension: the internal architecture was redesigned in a way that was faithful to the real one while the exterior space visible beyond the two big showcases has changed.
Instead of the city street, a new space has taken shape: an oasis far from the city, an utopian landscape, where nature and architecture coexist harmoniously. 

The sofware carries out an act of vicariance together with the imagination not by replacing it but amplifying the possibilities to give shape to “mental images” and to take the exhibition space somewhere else, in an unreal dimension, like in a dream.

Vicariance (Non Riservato)
is the outcome of an artist residency in Non Riservato Cultural Association based in Milan, Italy.
During seven consecutive days, the process of modelling and animation was visible by the public in the showcases of the exhibition space.

Exhibition view at Non Riservato, Milan, IT, 2020

Exhibition view at Non Riservato, Milan, IT, 2020