VICARIANCE (Spazio Infernotto)

video istallation
6’ 57’’ loop

Vicariance (Spazio Infernotto) is a video installation in which the exhibition space is designed in the virtual space of a 3D graphics software. The interior architecture becomes a portal to another world and it opens a dialogue between the practical space of the artwork and the imaginative dimension of its content.

This work was shown during the collective exhibition What fields, or waves, or mountains? What shapes of sky or plain? at the exhibition space Spazio Infernotto in Turin, Italy, where it creates a dialogue with the architechture and the other artists’ phisical artworks that also appear modelled within the animation. 
The video is intended to be silent due to the presence of a sound installation with which it engages a dialogue.

The sofware carries out an act of vicariance together with the imagination not by replacing it but amplifying the possibilities to give shape to mental images and to take the exhibition space somewhere else, in an unreal dimension, like in a dream.

Exhibition view at Spazio Infernotto, Turin, IT, 2021
Photo by REFE Studio

Exhibition view at Spazio Infernotto, Turin, IT, 2021